Weighted Blanket for Kids Benefits

From baby to teen, your children are your life, which is why we want to share the benefits that weighted blankets can bring to your family. Here at www.anxietyblanket.com, we love to celebrate all that weighted blankets can do, from easing anxiety to promoting calmness. Whether you’ve got a little guy or gal going through the toddler stage, or an elementary school aged child transitioning into the pre-teen years, weighted blankets can help.

Sleepovers Away from Home

Sleepover parties are exciting, novel, and help your child develop social skills. Unfortunately, not all children are able to experience sleepover parties the way that other kids do. Being away from home can cause separation anxiety, home sickness, and other stressors, which make it difficult for children to enjoy the time they have with their friends. While many children and parents are understanding of these issues, it could make your child feel ostracized or different from his or her friends.

Weighted blankets are a great solution to the homesick feeling some kids bring with them to sleepover parties. The evenly distributed weight in these blankets create the feeling of being wrapped in a warm hug. Not only does this promote feelings of comfort, but it also allows your child to bring a little piece of home with them on their trip.

Whether your child is sleeping away from home for a one night birthday bash, or it’s a week-long school trip, he or she will feel calmer and more secure with a weighted blanket to wrap around them at night.

Disorders and Special Needs

Weighted blankets have been used by occupational therapists and doctors for more than two decades to help manage symptoms of ADHD, autism, and other special needs. The weight from the blanket helps to create a secure environment for children who have sensory issues. Studies have shown that using these blankets decrease anxiety levels and make it easier for kids to focus.

The use of weighted vests during waking hours is a good way to continue the use of a weighted blanket at night. Some companies provide products, such as neck and shoulder wraps, lap pads, and vests, as well as blankets. These have also shown positive outcomes for children with special needs.

Behavioral Issues

Weighted blankets have also been shown to improve aggressive behavior in children who suffer from behavioral disorders. The calming effect of weighted blankets helps children relax during moments of duress, and may make it easier to speak to them about where the behavior is coming from and how it can be fixed.

Transitional Times

One of the major areas of life where weighted blankets come in handy, is during a tough transition. An example of this could be a move to a new house, a death in the family, or a divorce. Some children have problems coping with changes, especially big ones, and this can make it difficult to sleep, maintain regular eating habits, and cause antisocial behaviors and a fall in school grades.

Weighted blankets can help support your child during this tough transition, but giving them a safe and secure space to feel what they are feeling. Anxiety blankets promote the natural production of serotonin, which helps to improve mood. These blankets also produce a synthetic hugging sensation, which will keep your child feeling like they aren’t alone in these changes.

If your child is having trouble transitioning from one home to another during a divorce, try using one weighted blanket between the two new houses. This allows your child to bring something familiar, and comforting whenever there is a switch. Whether staying with Mom or Dad, a weighted blanket will make your child feel more at home.

Fussy Babies

Weighted blankets for a baby or toddler are much lighter than those used for older children. Sometimes, these blankets are specially designed to swaddle, and don’t use the same 10% of the ideal body weight rule, that a standard weighted blanket would use.

Anxiety blankets work well for fussy babies and toddlers. By using a weighted blanket, you simulate the sensation of a hug for your little guy or girl; this helps your baby self sooth more quickly, promoting healthy sleep patterns.

For more information on weighted blankets and how they can help your family, check out our main webpage at www.anxietyblanket.com. Keep checking back to our blog for more interesting articles, fun facts, and advice. We love sharing the magic of weighted blankets with the world, and hope that you’ll share your own experiences with us.