Weighted Blanket for Adults Benefits

Weighted blankets are beneficial for people of all ages, but there are some advantages which are particularly useful for adults. If you’re considering a weighted blanket for yourself or somebody you know, check out these top reasons for trying an anxiety blanket.

Romance and Loneliness

It has been scientifically proven that men and women require physical touch and socialization to live a happy healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, not all adults have the time or ability to meet a partner, or even make close friends. Work and other time constraints make it difficult to engage in all the social activities that you may have been able to enjoy when you were younger. Therefore, the weighted blanket makes a wonderful tool for those who are suffering from loneliness.

Simulating the sensation of a warm hug, the weighted blanket can help you feel like you aren’t alone. Whether you need a pat on the back for a job well done, or you hate going to bed alone at night, the anxiety blanket can ease these discomforts and make it easier to relax in your current environment, until you find somebody to share your time with.

Time Away from Home

Whether you’re in a profession which takes you away from home often, or you just enjoy travelling, but miss home when you do, a weighted blanket can help. The feelings of security which come with the evenly distributed pressure of an anxiety blanket will help you forget you’re not in your own bed, especially if it’s a tool you use regularly at home.

Use it to defeat anxiety over new surroundings, such as hotel rooms, or to find a comfortable spot in a strange new bed. This tool will also help you sleep if you’ve become dependent on having your partner in bed with you at night, but must sleep alone while out of town. The weighted feeling assists in forgetting that you’re the only one in the bed.

Trouble Sleeping

Many men and women find it difficult to find a comfortable position in bed, or drift off at night with too many ideas running through the head. A weighted blanket makes it easier to get comfortable, by providing a soothing sensation which is evenly distributed across the bed. They are also used for children and adults who have problems focusing, which means that sleeping with a weighted blanket will help you put all of hose buzzing ideas to bed, so you can get some rest too.

Insomnia affects nearly 60-million Americans each year, and the adult body requires 7-9 hours of rest each night to remain healthy and alert. An anxiety blanket can be a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, to ease you into a better sleep schedule.

Anxiety and Stress

Work-life, home-life, and family-life can sometimes seem like entirely different lives to be living; toss in finances and personal relationships, and you’ve got even more to juggle. With so much to do and so little time in the day to accomplish it, it’s no wonder that so many feels like they’re drowning in the stress of daily life. To make matters worse, many individuals aren’t just feeling that stress naturally, but are experiencing it in an amplified form due to anxiety and other mental issues.

Anxiety blankets are a great coping tool, whether you use it in the quiet privacy of home, or you bring it to work and use it in the office during your break, for a short stint of calming relaxation. The blankets can be used sitting up, or laying down, in a bed, or on a couch or chair. Wherever you feel comfortable using your anxiety blanket, you can gain its benefits, and calm busy thoughts.

Anxiety blankets help your body product natural levels of serotonin, which provokes feelings of positivity. This is a great help for those who suffer from chronic anxiety issues. You should always speak to a physician about changing treatments, but you will find that weighted blankets are a great way to treat panic attacks and moments of anxiety without medications.

For more information on how using an anxiety blanket can benefit adults, contact us at www.anxietyblankets.com today. We are always happy to speak to new or existing clients and discuss the science behind the product. Our customers are our priority; we want to make sure you’re satisfied with your blanket, and that you’re getting all you can from it.